How to quilt with sashiko

If you reduce sashiko to its technique, it is basically a running stitch that creates patterns. So of course you can use it to quilt. | What you need to know

How to use a sashiko thimble

Sashiko benefits greatly from using a thimble. You can stitch faster, your stitches will be more even and your fingers will experience way less strain.

How to keep your sashiko stitches straight

Straight stitches can be difficult to achieve. | 4 simple tips on how to achieve the best result

How long should your sashiko stitches be?

The right length of a stitch is dictated by the complexity of the pattern, the overall size and personal preference. | A guideline for beginners

Do you use a hoop for sashiko?

Nope! Not only is a hoop not needed for sashiko, but it would actually slow you down. | Why to avoid hoops and how to make good use of a hoop.

How to make sashiko easier & more fun

Quality tools, a good setting, and sharing can improve your stitching experience beyond belief! | Simple tips you can implement instantly on these 3 topics.

How to easily thread a needle

Make threading your needle easier with the simple loop technique and several practical tips! | Threading tips for needles with small eyes