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How to make a palm thimble

Making your own palm thimble is incredibly easy and inexpensive. There are only 6 steps until you can put your finished sashiko thimble on your finger. | Tutorial

The best thread for mending your denim jeans

If you treasure your denims, they might need mending sooner or later.|Choose the right thread

Itoroku – continuance since 1870

Itoroku has been known for silk and cotton threads for more than 150 years. Their exquisite products deserve a spotlight. | Brand spotlight

Japan's 5 major brands in sashiko material 2023

Thanks to its ongoing trend, many smaller brands that produce sashiko material, needles, fabric, and thread have popped up over the last years. | The main players in 2022

7 things you should know about sashiko thread

Tangled yarn? The difference between sashiko thread and embroidery floss? | Beginner questions about sashiko thread answered

How to treat new fabric for sashiko

Doing sashiko on new fabric? | Treat your fabric properly for the best stitching result

Do I need a special needle for sashiko?

Are sashiko needles even necessary? | How to choose the right needle for your sashiko project