Janette Haruguchi

Janette Haruguchi

Hey there! I am Janette. While living in Japan I fell in love with sashiko. The simple yet intricate design caught my eye and the more I learn about it, the more I love it.

How to quilt with sashiko

If you reduce sashiko to its technique, it is basically a running stitch that creates patterns. So of course you can use it to quilt. | What you need to know

How to make a palm thimble

Making your own palm thimble is incredibly easy and inexpensive. There are only 6 steps until you can put your finished sashiko thimble on your finger. | Tutorial

The best thread for mending your denim jeans

If you treasure your denims, they might need mending sooner or later.|Choose the right thread

Artist interview: Manami Oomae

Ms. Manami Oomae has two handicraft stores in southern Japan. Sashiko stitchers from all around Kyushu gather there and share tips and ideas. This is her sashiko story.

How to use a sashiko thimble

Sashiko benefits greatly from using a thimble. You can stitch faster, your stitches will be more even and your fingers will experience way less strain.

Itoroku – continuance since 1870

Itoroku has been known for silk and cotton threads for more than 150 years. Their exquisite products deserve a spotlight. | Brand spotlight

The difference between sashiko thread and kogin thread

At first glance sashiko thread and kogin thread look very similar. | Similarities and differences between the two

Do you use batting for sashiko?

Sashiko and batting have a very shallow history. | Practical advice for batting x sashiko

Japan's 5 major brands in sashiko material 2023

Thanks to its ongoing trend, many smaller brands that produce sashiko material, needles, fabric, and thread have popped up over the last years. | The main players in 2022

7 common questions about sashiko answered

Have the most common questions about sashiko answered | Beginner questions about the Japanese stitching technique answered