Sashiko leaf pattern stitched in shades of green on white.

Leaf sashiko pattern

You probably already guessed it, but the leaf pattern is a rather new addition to the vast directory of sashiko stitching patterns and belongs to hitomezashi 一目刺し.

Recently, sashiko has seen a huge rise in popularity in Japan, with a lot of new books being published by the sashiko artists themselves. Many of these books feature modern designs that are interesting and cute.

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Especially common are books that concentrate on hanafukin 花布巾, traditional kitchen cloths that were part of a bride's dowry. They were usually stitched by the bride herself and were a means of showing off her handicraft skills.

My favorite book got recently translated into English. Check the bottom of the page for more information.

Meaning of the leaf sashiko pattern

As a new addition to the vast library of sashiko patterns, there is no inherent meaning associated with this pattern. While various plants and leaves have distinct meanings, like the ginkgo leaf, the hemp leaf, or the oak leaf, the "leaf" itself has no ascribed meaning.

Feel free to come up with your own meaning for the pattern. Who knows, maybe in a couple hundred years, that will have become its inherent meaning.

Leaf pattern stitching directions

The pattern looks harmless, but don't be fooled! This one takes quite a while to finish.

Start with the diagonal stitches. These are quite long, so you're prone to pull one of them sooner or later. To lower the risk, try to catch the diagonal thread when filling in the horizontal and vertical stitches later.

Usually, this is avoided in sashiko. But for this pattern, that's what's recommended. At least so I was told by the sashiko artists I know here in Japan.

Leave a comment if you are interested in more detailed instructions and I will upload more information as soon as possible.

Amazing Sashiko book information

The book I've hinted at above has been translated into English at last! Amazing Sashiko: Modern Japanese Embroidery Designs by Ayufish int.

I prefer the look of the Japanese version, but the content seems to be the same. I only have the Japanese version, so I can't say for sure, though.

Amazing Sashiko

This is my favorite sashiko book ever!!!

The author is a space engineer, so I guess that's why her approach is a little different from other sashiko artists.

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